"Nearly five years ago we were called to serve at the Country Life Care Center. From the time they first opened their doors, many things have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the sweet spirit that lingers there. Each Sunday as we meet with members in a small room, we see the tremendous trials they are enduring and are humbled, and gain greater perspective on our own lives. As we see the great effort they make just to gather each Sunday, to simply have the bread and water pressed to their lips, we are blessed by their example of faith and endurance, and by their strength and courage. It has changed us in so many ways. The priesthood brethren who go to the rooms of those who cannot come down, to administer the Sacrament to them, feel the same way and are very touched by that sweet experience. We have grown to love these people, and often hear their heartfelt appreciation for the simple services we render. What a joy this calling has been for us. We know that our Savior loves these people, and they are precious to him. We are grateful to Him for giving us this opportunity to serve them."

-- Burton and Jeanette Clark --

"How can we adequately express the privilege it is to serve the people at the Care Center? We must admit that when very first exposed, years ago, to opportunities to serve in this way, we wondered if we wanted to serve in yet another way, but then volunteered. We are so appreciative that we didn’t shortchange ourselves. That has led to the calling to be the couple organizing our ward’s involvement, which was happily accepted. Now we receive the blessing to organize our Stake’s involvement in serving these people. How do we express the joy that comes from doing for others what they cannot do in their circumstances? Think of how you have felt while doing work for your kindred dead, in the temple. Multiply that by whatever factor you are willing to bring with you. There is such a powerful spirit over there. In the face of what many of us might consider hopeless, they remain grateful and courageous. We invite all to come and bathe in this fulfillment. We love our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, and we know that we are serving them, when we come to love these dear souls through meeting their needs. What a marvelous gift this calling is!"

-- Jon and Susan Yarrington --