Riverton Utah Stake

Sunday School

Teaching Resources

Critical to the success of Teaching in the Savior’s Way is a teacher’s inspired use of audio and visual resources produced and made available by the Church.

To this end, we as a stake Sunday School presidency have identified the following priority, that:

Every teacher easily access and use all available church teaching resources.

To achieve this, we must:

  • Make teachers and leaders aware of what is available

  • Help teachers and leaders understand the impact these resources can have on their teaching

  • Instruct and educate teachers and leaders how to use all available software and hardware

  • Provide the infrastructure that can deliver resources easily, quickly, and consistently.

  • Remove any perceived or actual barriers to use

Part of removing barriers to use includes:

  • Ensuring that the resources are QUICK, RELIABLE, and can be DEPENDED ON

  • Ensuring that there are SUFFICIENT resources to meet the demand

  • Ensuring that the resources are readily ACCESSIBLE

  • Ensuring that leaders and teachers feel COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT using the resources

  • Ensuring that the resources are CURRENT and constantly updated