How to Add/Edit Contact Information & Photos

Please consider enriching your membership records with family and individual photos.

Tips for Great Directory photos

Straight-on photos are best.

Use close-ups vs. far away.

1. Visit and select 'Ward Directory ...' from the 'My Account ...' drop-down menu at the top of the page.

2. Navigate to your Household record in the Directory.

3. Select your Household record.

4. Click the 'Edit' Icon to edit Household Information.

5. Click on your name to edit Individual Information.

6. Select Contact, Photo, or Privacy then follow the directions.

7. Photos can also be added for individual family members by clicking each member's name.


Be sure to check out 'Privacy' options (Private, Ward, Stake) for peace of mind about how your information can be seen by others. There is NO visibility option to allow the general public to view contact/photos - ONLY members of the Stake and/or Ward (or just leaders) can see any data you upload. The Church cares a great deal about your privacy.